Undivided Massage Ball

An easy and affordable way to give yourself a deep tissue massage without spending a lot of money.
  • Enjoy a massage anywhere

    Small and easy to bring around unlike a foam roller. A more targeted massage. Get those kinks and knots in hard to reach areas. Hits all the right spots!

  • Firm and portable

    Made from newly developed, high density EVA Foam, it is firm yet enough for an effective massage but not too hard that it’s uncomfortable.

  • Learn and grow with UF 42

    An exclusive 42-day email course with a mindfulness component to help you build good habits and grow with balance across mind and body.

Nourish your body with a deep tissue massage
More effective than Foam Rollers or smaller massage balls.
Release muscle tension
Learn and grow with our 42-day email course
Firm, durable, and easy to bring around.
Clean the ocean